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I'm Ismayil Atmaca, a Toronto-based street photographer and visual artist driven by an insatiable passion for experimentation. Through my lens, I weave stories across realms of black and white, monochrome, and color photography. Picture abstract art interwoven with surrealism and a touch of geometry – that's my creative world. I thrive on capturing the beautiful chaos that defines life through high contrast and compelling compositions.

My journey in the Canadian art scene has been exhilarating, with appearances at numerous juried exhibitions and recognition from the global art community, including a spot at the Other Art Fair by Saatchi Art in Los Angeles, Chicago, and Dallas.

I'm excited to announce my first solo exhibition at the Assembly Hall in June 2024, courtesy of the City of Toronto. This marks a pivotal moment, providing a platform to showcase the evolution of my craft. If you're curious about experiencing the world through a different lens, where each image tells a unique story and every moment is a piece of art, you're in for a treat.

Beyond photography, I'm exploring other art forms like painting, collage, and more. This multidisciplinary approach enriches my creative vision, infusing my storytelling with layers of artistic expression.

Let me share details about my latest project. I've developed a fresh, modern style – envision wooden columns and archival paper prints creatively mounted on floating sticks. It's a bit glitchy, a bit experimental, all nestled within a sleek frame, telling a captivating narrative.

IMG_6060 (1).jpg

Exhibition and Art Shows 



  • The Other Art Fair Los Angeles by Saatchi Art

  • Visual Arts of Mississauga at Riverwood, Art Show

  • Headwaters, 27th Annual Juried Art Show

  • Arts of Etobicoke” We are Resilient” Juried Art Show in Toronto

  • Neilson Park Creative Centre - IMPACT 2023 Annual Juried Exhibition in Toronto

  • Gallea's online collection Photography - Featured in the curated collection.


  • Artscape Young Place: Group Exhibition, "Geometric Dreams" - Spectra: Gallery 44 Members Exhibition at Scotiabank Contact Photography Festival in Toronto, Canada


  • Artscape Young Place: Spectra Gallery 44 Members Group Exhibition at Scotiabank Contact Photography Festival in Toronto, Canada

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